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Why Choose The Photo Store?

The Photo Store is a TRUE portrait studio that produces outstanding quality portraits at very reasonable prices. Most families who chose The Photo Store are looking for something artistic and beautiful and almost equally important, they are looking for an experience they can’t get anywhere else. Our photographers are passionate about photography and that enables us to capture the moments in your life that are so precious in truly unique ways. In addition, our photographers are trained by a “master” photographer ensuring that the resulting images will be very special.

A portrait, by definition, should portray. It should go beyond showing just a view of a face, it should reveal the soul of the person. This is the goal we have for everyone who lays, sits, crawls or stands before our camera - to bring out the inner beauty and personality - each of us has. It might mean showing the closeness of a family, the bonding between Mother and Child, the innocence of childhood or the purity of a newborn baby. When we started our business in 1980, we aspired to produce the finest photography we were capable of, without compromise. We have never regretted that decision and neither have our clients. Quality does not go out of style. It costs less in the long run, and is always appreciated by those who know the difference. You see---a portrait you truly love is priceless---and one you hate is worthless!

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