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First Family Portrait

The Baby Plan includes a session that can be your first family portraits or just mommy & baby you choose! Ideally we like to book this session when baby is six weeks and under so that we can show just how tiny baby was in your arms. You do have the baby's first year to choose when you would like to do this session. If you choose to book the session when baby is first born we suggest long sleeve solid black clothing on both dad and mom as well as any other family members you would like to include. This will allow your eyes to focus directly on baby and how tiny they are. If you would like to use this session at a later date in your baby plan ask us what would be best to wear and what type of portraits we will be doing for you. Take advantage of the session that is included in your baby plan it is so important to get that first family portrait with baby when they are little! They will treasure it for a life time!

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