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Newborn Session

We highly recommend to schedule this session from birthup to six weeks of age. This allows us to get those sweet sleeping portraits of baby all curled up and cozy.The newborn session on the baby plan is one hour this allows time to get the baby to sleep and stop for needed breaks to feed or comfort the baby. This is the best time to bring any of those special itmes bought for baby at your baby shower. You are more than welcome to bring props from home and we will assist you on what looks best for a portrait. Not sure what to put baby in since they are so tiny? Don't worry about that we have you covered we have a huge variety of hats,hair bows, wraps and various items to photograph baby with for their first portraits. The sooner you get baby in the better so make sure to book your newborn portriat session when you are 38 weeks pregnant. This gurantees an appointment time and also an extra bonus!

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