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Baby Plan Program

The Photo Store's Exclusive Baby Plan

is only $79 for an entire year of photography!

Our First Year Baby Plan Is So Simple, Yet You Get SO Much!

With our Baby Plan, we photograph your baby at the remarkable ages newborn 3, 6, 9 12 months and first family portraits. You’ll be amazed with the images from each session! I guarantee it or your money back! You can’t lose. When you come in for your first session, you’ll have One HOUR of photography time scheduled JUST FOR YOU! It’s YOUR time, with no crying babies waiting in line. And it’s a fun time in a relaxed, comfortable camera room setting with soft baby music. We even have baby necessities in the dressing room should you have forgotten some or run out of supplies. If your baby gets fussy, needs fed, diaper changed, etc., we’ll simply take a break. It is because of this and our love of babies that you’ll end up with the most beautiful images you can imagine.

Now For The Exciting Part!

At the end of the 12 month session, you’ll receive a 16” x 16” Canvas Gallery Wrap wall composite with 4 images on it (one from each of the 4 stages) and your baby’s name added to complete the look! What an incredible keepsake for you to treasure forever! A sample of the Boy's panel is shown. We have many styles to chose from to match your home décor. But, you have to see one to understand how wonderful it is!

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