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Nine Month Session

This is the session that comes with a warning label. At this stage, your baby will be going through “major” teething and may also experience separation or “stranger” anxiety. Before this point your baby liked us...but now.....well.....

We are the “strangers” but, take heart—most studios will not even photograph 9 month olds because they are not properly trained. We have a very good track record...but...we want you to know that if your baby is not crying...we are way ahead of the game. It takes a lot of patience to capture this stage. But we all get through it without incident. Please do not expect smiles on this session. They just have a lot on their mind and will usually just look at us—with a sweet face like a porcelain doll. We call this THE NINE MONTH STARE!

The stage we are looking for will be when your baby is standing and holding on to things. This is known as “cruising.” But if your baby’s knees buckle and they fall back down...reschedule.

This is also a great time to bring a family chair or other special prop. This is a casual session. Boys may want to wear denim overalls—for girls, cute seasonal clothing. Bonnets and hats look great at this session. Bring personal items. ANYTHING GOES!

If you have a special idea or theme, just let us know when you go into the studio. We want your baby panel to be truly unique and full of your family’s memories.

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