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Three Month Session

This is the first “stage” that begins the baby panel. The stage is when your baby is laying on their tummy and holds their head up nice and strong.

A 3 month old in most cases has a low tolerance level. We always give a worse case scenario and anything else is a piece of cake. But we like to get the bare chested images done first—in case the baby gets fussy. We don’t like to get our little ones mad so please prepare to start with the bare chested images first.

You will then put your baby in an outfit. outfit is enough; however, bring more than one outfit so we can advise you on what would photograph the best. Solid colors always look better than patterns or stripes...hats are fine. At this point you may have noticed that babies do not like to be changed—so let’s keep them happy. Shoes and socks do not show—a barefoot baby is a happy baby.

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